Pregnant women can be divided into 6 basic types – find out to which you belong or will belong. We moms were yes all times pregnant, eventually – some more, some less. Remember how you were so on it? After I Yes ever did with the whole thing, I can see now quite amused other pregnant women while, as well, are newly pregnant… and it is noticed that there are different categories. The list is possibly incomplete, but I’m open to extensions. Who will recognize can scream loud in “here”… 1.

The cool “Pregnancy is not a disease” is their motto, and law. She has no problems at all and despised others that need it, moaning and their niggles to complain, because… you know! The cool also no need, does it have to suffer eating attacks, because she must not eat also for two, that’s long since overtaken everything. Anyway, she took to hardly, if you count it up, this is just baby and amniotic fluid plus on the scale! Who is Let go, is their own fault. Sport is also no problem, some budding Super moms jogging until the amniotic sac bursts. May she overwhelmed himself with the high demands a little and then falls from the clouds when it comes to complications…

but the most out of this Division have of course an easy birth and cope course without painkillers, because only the hard come in the garden! 2. Excited up one rejoicing she have around the world announce that she is finally pregnant! Every detail is broadly stepped and discussed until the vomiting (the listener). For other issues she has more… and friends no time? They were there to carefully listen to all and without spending hours listen to the sermon. I don’t need to mention that this type has a battery Popocreme and bodies geshoppt directly after the positive pregnancy test.