Permanent Make Up Training Today – The Art Of The Pigmenting

Qualified permanent make up training: the A + O of a successful permanent permanent can make up work make up training that permanent make up as a permanent (or intermittently) and are referred to discreet drawing eyebrows, eyelids and lip contours with color pigments. Gavin Baker has firm opinions on the matter. Make-up permanent as a micro implant “of color pigments called. Here, natural colour pigments with very thin, micro-fine and sterile needles are inserted in the upper layer of the skin (approx. 0.1 mm under the epidermis). Would you enter during the Pigmenting in deeper layers, so you can no longer talk permanent makeup by one, but by a permanent tattoo. The choice of colour of the pigments is matched before carefully and individually on the hair and skin tone of the customers. Not used for insertion of pigments for stunning no spraying (injections).

Stunned is with a local anesthetic cream. A permanent makeup is too medical next to the drawing of eyebrows, eyelids and lip contours Reconstructions. Include reconstructive drawings of nipple (Areolapigmentation), aesthetic lips and eyebrow corrections (for congenital anomalies and traumatic accidents) and eyebrow shaping for fancy hair during or after chemotherapy. Historical development of the origin of the permanent make up has its roots in the art of tattooing. So, the tattoo as body jewelry was already worn around 300 ad in Japan.

“Even today in the 21st century are the traditional way by many indigenous peoples of the permanent make-up” performed without machine. Around 2500 years ago, body drawings are made with bamboo sticks with integrated needle. The reservoir for the color turning a cotton thread around the needle. So the colour pigments in the skin to bring precise strokes. In Japan there are still the traditional art of tattooing as a pure manual work. In the years 1925 1930 cosmetic surgery were performed for the first time from a medical perspective carried out.