Paragliding posted by on May 21, 2017

I tandemschik and I like to bring joy to people flying. No, not flying in the "bus" type Ila or Boeing hefty, but as a bird, when there is nothing except the wind. And we fly, his legs dangling from the harness – it is convenient chair, made from a nylon material insane strength, and above us proudly, like a huge bird soaring dome of our glider rocking and almost rustling cloth, from which it is made. Kevlar lanyard connects the fan and we bird-dome. This is his real moments of life, he straightened and proud that we have entrusted him with their life and happy moments of triumph – the flight! A passenger in front of an unusual situation calmed down and crazy landscape for hundreds of miles into the horizon leaving the blue-gray haze, and only the jet air flow and sing a little jingle in the wind-lines.

All differently behave in flight on a paraglider. Someone dies from excitement, someone is trying to show emotions, trying to sit back there and then sit in the harness, and waving his arms at the sides, some screaming from too much adrenaline WOW (by the way, cases of panic and fear was not observed )!!!! The climb is over, winch stood up, and I cry a passenger wing cutaway. Tow rope went down, clutching at the air a little paraschyutikom. All-Coast! "Lean and sit comfortably," or rather lie down – because the pilots flying the glider, reclining in suspension. Make a U-turn with a slight tilt towards the start. "Look at the Dome" – I say a passenger – "and now on the sides, look how beautiful!" Now the main part of the attraction "keep control!" – Give the brakes a passenger in hands. "Push the left," and the dome swayed and went to the left, "Wow!" "Now pull the right!" – Dutifully went to the dome of the right "yes it is easy to handle" – he said.

Take control and a bit of liberties, sending a small dome in a spiral feel a little overloaded – "Wow" – and begin to level off golandsky step forward and slightly to the left and right front and right – such a kind of swing to the left and right. The height of almost losing – CLASS! The flight ends and the time landing. Flies for the start, turn into the wind. Keep an eye pad evenly, with soft grass, in a word, without obstacles. And friends are at the bottom closely watched as a proud bird wing shirokokrylaya puts on Landing your precious cargo. Building a glide path, and this deceleration wing, and feet touching the ground, and canopy, rustling, falls nearby. Decouple the passenger and congratulations on a perfect flight. He ran to meet friends, flashing emotions, and I fill up the hard shoulder dome wing (weighs something like two) and stamped at the start – the "hard life in tandemschika!" I tandemschik, I love to fly!