Online Coaching

New online course in 60 days to the desired weight off the United States miracle fat burning pills, which will melt at least 500 kg away in a few days and the side effects be? The training portal 2008 successfully launched in May with the unique 4 pillars intensive coaching concept is breaking new ground in terms of desired weight diets. Now is an online wish weight Manifestierenkurs available, even for an introductory price by the end of January 2009. This course is a different approach than in all of these diets, healthy attitudes towards the body and the right mental programming. That means first and foremost 60 days old patterns are interrupted in the total and new created, jumbled the pounds easily and remain permanently below, no Jojoeffekt. The online course is not medical advice, but serves only the self study and verify the own motivations, medical issues or health problems, we recommend, the online wish weight Manifestierenkurs to cancel immediately and to take the advice and diagnosis of a doctor claimed. The new power weight online course, in 60 days we accompany you intensively by daily exercise mail, daily live chat, in which problems and blockages are directly discussed and solved, a closed forum system, in which only students have access and personal email, if things are too private for chat or forum.Daily arrival possible on weekends.

Intensive care. We started with a Manifestierenkurs and it is still the basis for all our courses, learn meditation, affirmation techniques first and above all even know better then we go in the subject so power desire weight classes for example on losing weight or increasing, as you would yourself. We intensively cooperate with you, another 30 days to your dream weight and the best: you must not even out of the House go, to participate. Online courses there are rather than where you are, an Internet-enabled PC, no matter where in the world. The exercises are always so, that you have read the mail in 30 minutes and implemented the proposed, with the daily chat (which is not mandatory but is recommended), you come on 60 minutes that you invest for your body.