Not Tea Never Give Up Tea Give Up

Going through a difficult period in his life, do you think everything you try to achieve, not, does it all to your around there, just in greater or lesser shades of gray? Welcome to the roller coaster called life, sometimes life can be difficult, almost too difficult to cope with, the dream and the unconscious of the only respite, the only place of safety. To make the situation even worse that everyone else seems to be having a good time. Turn on the TV and see a dazzling variety of celebrities with bright, bright smiles teeth white and bright lives apparently pass before thee as a conveyor of stories of success and each of highlighted its uselessness, his failure, his insignificance. Basta and avoid that at this moment, dowsing her face, his head, his very existence with ice water. You, yes you are completely valid, completely valid! do really believe that you are here by chance, that somehow are a mistake, that somehow have left to escape the guard’s? security at the door of creation, the existence and do not really have to do here? Each of us have a way to go, a road designed just for us and no one else. Our path may be splendid, or it can be miserable, circumstances that face each of us have been done to measure, are perfect, they are what we need right now. Why? Due to that within the chaos that may be our life are lessons to be learned, overcome obstacles, disappointments to deal with obstacles and that he circumnavigated and I love or hate it, what they individually face at this moment is (not as this) perfect for us, is something that we have to reach an agreement with. It is very easy to assume that the life of the rich and famous, successful, those who have done so, is much easier than ours, remember that we only see the ball stopped, don’t be fooled by the lights, the cameras, and dazzling white teeth, these guys are going through much the same as the others. Mary T. Barra understood the implications. .