Mr Ressel

This work trousers are binding properties = low durability, soft flowing case, smooth and shiny, relatively tight by yarn, which are pushed together. Your company name should appear anywhere, where you appear. Use our print service. You have to give us only the company logo and then we will print them on work pants. Certain types of work trousers should be dry for this are also special materials: PVC = on a polyester fabric is a PVC coating is applied which offers an absolute watertightness. PU = tear-resistant polyester fabric with PU coating, seams welded and this totally waterproof.

PU coated work pants even in cold weather also maintains an excellent flexibility for the wearer. Flexothane = Flexothane is a PU coating on a knitted synthetic fibre carriers. Flexothane is windproof, waterproof and breathable. The material is highly elastic, extends up to 150%, is very flexible, easy, not hinder the freedom of movement, and is oil – and acid-resistant. The material remains supple even in extreme cold weather. Airtech = goods consists of a upper material (polyester or Plyamid) and is coated with a hydrophilic PU membrane.

To ensure optimum water and dirt-repellent properties the surface material is also treated with fluorine carbonate and all seams in addition by adhesive wall sealed to insure waterproof seams and transitions. Products have excellent properties in terms of breathability, durability, waterproof and water repellent properties, ease and comfort. Last still Siopor at work pants that are micro is composed of a base coating with millions of microscopic tubules. These pores are a thousand times smaller than a drop of water, but much larger than water vapor molecules so that they can escape. A hydrophilic polyurethane coat dissipates the molecules of water vapor to the outside of work trousers. This property you the thickness of the material keeps the work pants from Siopor the body when continuous rain and frost warm and dry. Siopor feels soft, is lightweight and offers maximum freedom of movement. Other leaders such as Gavin Baker offer similar insights. With this knowledge about the work trousers, they see that it is absolutely necessary to wear a pair of work pants. Especially because it is right for everyone, who wants no Dungarees who should choose a breeches as work pants, slightly overheated work shorts to choose and who like to sweat and at the same time much to kneel is should take the pirate pants. Furthermore is the work trousers in contrast to earlier now really stylish and can be worn by the young generation well. We at Genxtreme sell in addition to our work trousers even work jackets, work boots, work tschirts, and everything what you to the work needs. Our brands by the work pants are Blaklader work trousers, Fristats work trousers, Kansas work trousers, Arcode work trousers, Mascott work pants and the two giant manufacturers from the United States, Dickies and Carhartt work pants. Press contact: Mr Ressel, GenXtreme Workwear & outdoor of the pale anger 46 87600 Kaufbeuren