Mistakes Recruiters posted by on July 18, 2017

Now is not the cadres decide everything! With growing competition for the best minds and talents crucial acquire the personnel who are looking for staff! Companies should pay more attention to performance and quality of HR-department in general and internal recruiters, in particular. It is necessary to analyze how effective recruiters in filling key positions, is the real return on the methods they use. C terms of professional headhunter, to which the work of recruiters should pay attention to? What kind of mistakes they make in their work? Internal recruiters are engaged not so much searching as easy selection. Because of huge flow of a summary of their work is reduced mainly to try to identify the best candidates from the mass. To know more about this subject visit FCC. They are simply taking "that give" rather than looking for what they want. Restrict search to only those people who "came to themselves," which actively looking for work at this very moment – so narrow circle of the search. Search for those who really want your company to choose from and that is – two different things.

Corporate recruiting for the most part was a passive process viewing the summary mass. What should I do? Internal recruiters should think more and act as a headhunter. Companies better to have 2 groups of recruiters: 1-I work with those candidates who are actively looking for work and send resume on the job, the 2nd group is working with professionals who are satisfied with their jobs and do not search for jobs, with the so-called "Passive" candidates.