King Alberto Belgian

Eager and exactly matreiro, it does not lose the preference of the people, especially between the sertanejos brasileiros' '. To finish, we are obliged to transcribe the chronicle ' ' Macaquitos' ' , of Barreto Rasp. An immortal page, published in 23.10.1920, interesting reading in such a way for the Brazilians in general how much for the pontepretanos in particular: ' ' A periodical or weekly of Buenos Aires, when one has equipped Brazilian of football, in return of Chile, where it are to dispute an international championship, for passed there, painted it as monkeys. Cousa passed unfurnished, due to the dazed of the parties of King Alberto Belgian king who was in visit to Brazil; but, if thus he was not, I am certain of that he would have irritation in all the spirits. We need convincing in them of that it does not have no insult in calling us monkeys.

The monkey, according to zoologists, is one of the most advanced units of the animal series; has abilities exactly they make that it, not father, at least cousin of the man. So worthy ' totem' in them it cannot cause shame. France, that is, the Frenchmen are dealt with roosters and them they are not become annoyed with this; in contrast: the Gallic rooster, chantecler, is reason of pride for them. However, quo far is the rooster, in the zoological scale, of the monkey! Nor mammal is! Almost all the nations, according to legends and traditions, have kinship or if they emblemam with animals. The Russians had been never become annoyed for calling them white bears; the bear is not a so intelligent and ladino animal as the monkey. Some countries, as the Prssia and Austria, puts in its flags eagles; however, the eagle, disdaining the pejorativa meaning that took between us, is not animal very likeable there.