Jumpei Iwashita

They are three weeks of excursion. The pupils pass for some cities, as So Paulo, Rio De Janeiro, Iguau and Bauru. Jumpei carried through this trip in 2006 with a teacher and other students. ' ' In this trip I to communicate did not obtain me with the Brazilians. This because I not wise person nothing more than what the basic greetings, as good day and debtor. When I came back to Japan, after to talk with my professor I decided to make the interchange in Brazil. My objective age to know the language and culture more brasileira' ' , the student explains the reasons had taken that it to come to Brazil. Jumpei Iwashita arrived at Brazil in day 19 of July of 2007.

He was determined that the student would carry through the interchange in the city of Bauru. Moreover, the Japanese student would have to attend a course some disciplines in the Unesp de Bauru. In the six first months of interchange, the intercambista liveed with a professor of arts of the Unesp. Due to daily pay-image that had of the Brazilians and the lack of knowledge of the Portuguese language, in the first month of interchange the student remained to the side of a professor of Japanese with who talked and carried through the tasks of daily: ' ' In this first phase of my interchange I did not communicate myself directly with the Brazilians. I, in the truth, spoke with this professor in Japanese and it translated Portuguese. This done age when I went to the supermarket or when bar&#039 went to buy cigarettes in one; '. During the six first months of interchange, Jumpei Iwashita was remained distant of the Brazilians and the Portuguese language.

However, the situation of Jumpei moved when it started to interact with the young colleges student. This because from the month of January of 2008, the Japanese student starts to live in a republic, with students of the Unesp de Bauru. The direct conviviality with students and the identification with them function for Jumpei as attractive element for the Brazilian culture and legitimize the interest of the intercambista in studying Portuguese the identification with these students had meant as a species of justification so that the intercambista started to want if to communicate in Portuguese Language and to know more on the Brazilian culture. ' ' My image on the Brazilians moved completely. Today when I think about Brazil, I remember glad people and brincalhonas. I intend to continue studying Portuguese and who knows to come back future to the Brasil.' ' , it adds Jumpei on its experience in Brazil.