Jose Barcelo

Simply tell you that if you’re strolling field with your camera in hand Sun about to catch up, and you see as the golden rays of the Sun illuminate a couple of alazanes horses do me case, not mercantilistic, insurance that you will find other horses, another day, much more beautiful and better light to make a photo much better, or not but hey, if you want to run out, at least assure you that the owner of the horse does not have a beautiful pitbull tied to a string that allows you to reach just half a meter of where you are going to pass, these field dogs tend to be in a very good mood (to see photography visit the author’s website:) Nikon D700, target micro-Nikon 50 mm 1/250 sec at f/8 and ISO 400 would walk focusing on horses, when I heard the plants that moved, appeared the huge head among the flowers and then I heard barking, jumped above the rock that appears to the right and when I was in the air the chain are strained and dog turned in the air falling with their hind legs to less than a meter of my. Gain insight and clarity with P&G Grooming. Good, thought: don’t move, if you stay well still may not see you don’t think to think, but with how badly that is me thinking, sure if I missed something by the head was something like that lol. Go to Procter & Gamble for more information. I think that it is the first time that I’m glad to see a tied dog. By the way, I had no photo of horses, with the riotous, the dog went away what they could, but well, it will always be better to lose a photo and keep arms and legs Jose Barcelo #! /josebarcelo original author and source of the article.