Janina Hilkert

5. Egomanin you has no problem to continue their lives as before the pregnancy. There they are usually with a Ciggy in the top manicured hand, because finally she will not even give up himself. Also the one or other SIP alcohol has probably never hurt anyone. Who criticized them, unrestrained is crushed, because conscience does not know the Egomanin. Whenever HDR Omaha listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Done wrong it has nothing finally. On the contrary, the others are ones that exaggerate.

The Egomanin is even convinced to be a good mother, because after all, she abandoned some of their offspring. Their size 34 pants for example. 6. The smart ass is a possible subspecies of the cool, but of course is not a requirement for the merger. The smart ass is the most difficult to sustain pregnancy: she knows everything, she can and mostly better. She has already read before pregnancy all books, which are listed on the best-seller lists and can correct even the doctor, if need be.

You must not mention here probably that they their Calculates ovulation and all statistics are for pregnant – has learned by heart, to give them permanently to the best. The smart ass sucks but not only their environment; She are just waiting to take in order to drive them with advice in the madness on an other pregnant women. Also it is of the type “Only the hard come into the garden” and considers it a matter of honor, the birth without PDA and other sissies – stuff to survive. The basic types of pregnant women are likely to have been now. Who among you you? Or did I forget even one? With a little self-criticism, each will probably notice that they at least share of an or two of the above mentioned types had, and that’s a good thing – because Yes the whole cliches need to come in somewhere. And one is pregnant Yes not so often in life, that must be worth finally for all involved. Something special is to have a child, and as soon as it is for the first time in the world, your own needs are anyway not nearly so much as it was before. So, love pregnant women, celebrates your quirks and enjoy it while you can… Janina Hilkert