Innovative LED Driver

The integration module is specifically designed for installation in the body. Due to the controLED technology developed by dilitronics, it allows the individual and energy-efficient control of up to four ring LED and light sources with a total capacity of up to 280W. The LUC04 () allows the appreciation of existing, more flame LED lights to the DALI or DMX dimmable luminaire the luminaire manufacturer. The innovative high-tech companies to manufacturers of indoor and also outdoor light is aimed with the driver.

“Limited space in the luminaire and the high heat of conventional LED driver provide many lighting manufacturers facing problems in dealing with dimmable LED drivers,” explains Stephan Schulz, Managing Director of dilitronics GmbH.”The LUC04 is compact, light and generates no heat, but can Dim up to 280W LED performance and provides four independent DALI or DMX devices. Thus we set new standards in terms of energy efficiency and power density.” The driver has been developed specifically for lighting concepts that need to be compact and at the same time highly efficient. Due to its compact design, it allows a lightweight encapsulation and reduces the cabling in the housing of the lamp. Schulz to the technical characteristics: “based on our energy-efficient controLED technology has four channels of the driver. Can any channel up to 70 watts dimming and corresponds to each device a DALI or DMX channel.”Standard switching power supplies of high quality used for the supply of energy, which the dilitronics GmbH delivers to their customers on request. Established LED lights with the addition of the LUC04 can already in the market be enhanced and used for a wider range of applications.

DALI is the industry standard for digital dimmable lighting systems in Europe mainly in the interior lighting. DMX on the other hand is often used in the show and effect lighting. “With the LUC04 our customers opens both markets without significantly modifying existing products”, Schulz reported. Printable photos free of charge see: company description on dilitronics: the dilitronics GmbH was founded in the spring of 2008 in Jena. As a technology leader driver electronics for High-Brightness LEDs, the dilitronics GmbH of control solutions developed for innovative LED applications. The products of the dilitronics be outdoors for the street lighting as well as in the Interior as used E.g. in hotels, offices and shopping malls to energy-efficient lighting.