Indian GURU

Noble material, and a natural appearance make the GURU glass Cabinet a very appealing piece of furniture for living room, dining room & co. Handbearbeitetes Acacia wood is the hallmark of the whole GURU furniture series. Whether as a rustic one-off or in combination with simple pieces of furniture, the GURU blends showcase in the natural institution and becomes the focal point of the room. Natural wood offers all possibilities! The Acacia wood used for the GURU of furniture series mined sustainably in the Indian landscapes of Rajasthan and Punjab. Further processing is carried out naturally without the use of chemicals, and only by hand. This will give the furniture its unique charm and become a valuable piece. No GURU glass display case resembles the other.

The natural character of the wood is preserved and is in addition by a partly open interface support. Here may vary depending on your preference, even to the furniture piece hand applied and this example, oiled, waxed or painted. Usually a damp cloth is sufficient to clean the Cabinet not to 100% sealed. Skillfully convinced as a one-off or in combination, the GURU glass display cabinet! The GURU offers sufficient space to showcase on three shelves to place beautiful glasses, valuable utensils or various decorative objects. In addition, the Cabinet has a drawer, in the napkins, candles and co.

can disappear easily. Whether in the dining, living room or kitchen, the glass display case convinces with its simple design and the natural Acacia wood. Here, the cabinet can be excellently combined with the other pieces of furniture the GURU series or offers an appealing focal point as unique in the area. Especially the GURU comes glass case in front of a colored wall in natural shades. Sand colour finish wood blends perfectly with warm berries, fresh green or restrained Brown and grey shades. In addition a subtle lighting can the content according to your taste Showcase skillfully in the right light back. Buy GURU furniture series easily online! The GURU, you can order online glass display case and more pieces of furniture of GURU series. On you find sand, different dining tables, chairs, and plenty of storage in addition to the Cabinet, as well as in Acacia for your living room. Here the individual pieces of furniture can be excellently with the GURU combine glass display cabinet and simply buy online. Particularly convenient: The GURU glass display cabinet is shipped completely built up. It is therefore no longer necessary to create even hand. Just make the Cabinet in the desired place and be enchanted by the natural look. As a piece of furniture made of solid wood, you will always receive a one-off, which contributes to a pleasant living atmosphere. Here, you should only care that the room temperature and the air humidity unchanged as far as possible, so that the wood fibers by changing environmental conditions do not change.