Hard Disk Data Recovery FAQ

One of the most unfortunate situations is when we lose all the information we had stored on our hard drive. In a twinkling of an eye we have lost our most precious files, personal settings of our programs, the data of stored passwords and everything that made our computer experience a quick and easy process. However, data recovery experts possess a significant arsenal of tools that will allow them to return to read that information that has become inaccessible, at least for the operating system that we installed in our computer. Windows is an operating system that is characterized by its ease of use, although behind its apparent simplicity lies a complicated environment. And, precisely, the problems of reading and access to hard disks is one of the most common situations faced by Windows users. Soon be able to check that the limited amount of tools that Windows provides for the handling of hard drives is insufficient when we find ourselves with a error. In fact, in the majority of cases it will be impossible to access directly to the desktop in order to run these tools. Those who repair hard drives usually tested to access data with other less demanding, such as Linux and Ubuntu operating systems. Once you access the list of files and folders, it is very easy to perform a backup, in order to install the same files on a hard drive of similar characteristics, if the original hard drive can not be repaired. In other cases, the damage occurred in the sector of boot, a system partition, of vital importance for the correct reading of information. Many programs employing experts in repair of rigid disks allow you create a new copy of this partition to resolve the problem as quickly as possible.