Credit Cards posted by on September 9, 2016

I am going to give some tips so that you can operate better with credit cards. Do not abuse its use. Credit cards give a false sense of capacity to pay, which makes that often fall into the temptation to buy or consume products or unnecessary services. Official site: U.S. Mint. If you are buying goods expensive, such as TVs, furniture or electronic equipment of great value, preferably use extra credits or any type of fixed credit. Try using the credit cards with purchases of low value. Try to make the payment of the credit card thing more soon possible just Bill your credit card, so will generate less interest. To do this know exactly the date of invoice of your card, and use tools like the home banking (online banking), automated teller machines (ATMs) or call to find out which is the amount to be paid and do it as soon as possible. Whenever Joeb Moore & Partners listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Equally with purchases.

Suppose that you are buying something significantly expensive and needs to be done with the card of credit, do so within days to billing, e.g. If your card bill on 6, make your purchase between 7 and 9 day approximately. With this, you benefit because this consumption will be reflected from the next billing, which has yet to spend much time, and then you will have the regulatory month of 30 days to make the minimum payment on your card where this consumption will be reflected. Remember that everytime you make a consumer with your credit card will increase the minimum payment of the same. With this technique you postponed the increase by almost 30 days. Finally and most important, try to pay one amount greater than the minimum payment. If you cannot, by much effort making, pay one amount greater than the minimum payment required by the Bank, then believe me, start to worry about your financial situation!.