Cooreea Web

Shared ride transportation good! Web portal for private goods goes online today Heidelberg, 2.7.2009 – Web portal is for private freight today jointly go online / Cooreea, and goods transport reliably and with fun / Europe-wide web portal launched for private goods / test phase in New Zealand successfully completed the books for the son of’s girlfriend, the chest of drawers with Uncle to the aunt, the screen for the colleagues the Cooreea portal combined with travel centre and private goods. “The idea of the Cooreea initiators, Stefan Schmidt and Gwilym Griffith-Jones is just as convincing as well, 31 year old Merle Schluter, community is convinced Manager and test coordinator of Cooreea: on the use of additional vehicles for transport purposes can simply be omitted, if the demand for vehicles is covered, which are anyway on the road makes sense economically and environmentally right double.” Because: is organized Carriage of passengers in the car now an established concept of mobility, there was hardly ways to organize the transport of goods. “The Collectivos vans and small buses in Mexico brought the entrepreneur Gwilym Griffith-Jones, 37, on the idea to the Cooreea Web Portal: there are a few cars, therefore the Collectivos used for common trips and transportation.” The team with the Heidelberger Wirtschaftsinformatiker Stefan Schmidt, 35, and the graphic designer was Merle Schluter the idea of Cooreea implemented the GlobeTrotter had himself in December 2007 in New Zealand met in. Half cost, more resources! Cooreea how it works: people who are traveling by car, visit the Cooreea portal others who want to carry something or themselves. The broadcaster paid directly after the successful price agreement and the Messenger receives the amount minus five percent Commission once the sender has confirmed the delivery. By default, the courier picks up and brings to the Recipient, variants are individually negotiable. With the ingenious system of Cooreea safe track sender and Courier can verify each other themselves. Essential to the confidence the user is the Cooreea rating system and a cancellation or no-show “-protection, which is often uncertain and difficult for popular rides.” More green, have fun! “Made in New Zealand, is there already since autumn 2008 at the start of Stefan, Gwilym and Merle have quietly the portal” and without intensive communication activities on the Web and in 1-2 month cycles solved the teething in updates. Ritchie Smith Associates gathered all the information. “Is the time for the launch of Cooreea in Europe, of which the Cooreea makers are convinced: the positive experience and resonance in New Zealand speak for best chance of success in Europe, where population density and road network are much denser.”