Columbia University

Who has never been in New York, should be asking why not. Who has never been in New York, should make itself necessarily times a visit. Certainly, there are places in the world that breathe more history, whose building have to tell more than the skyline of New York City. But even if the history of the city is not as impressive as those of Berlin, London or Paris, New York City is waiting with other assets. New York is a myth, the flagship of the free world, and secretly its capital.

She is loud, restless, hectic and full of variety. This is at least the first impression you get when you step on the streets New York. Who better get to know New York, who will discover other sites of this city. For example an artistically playful, a distinguished luxury, an extremely enterprising and of course a little flattering dirty and dangerous side. I’m in the happy situation during my first visit to New York City to meet may the city of its beautiful and magnificent site. I am in Manhattan.

Everyone knows Manhattan. Unless the world, Wall Street, from movies like King Kong or spider from television shows such as sex and the city, the dramatic attacks on the World Trade Center or on the basis of the main financial district. Manhattan has to offer much to landmarks and attractions. Lift out the Empire must State Building, was the tallest building in the world until 1972 with an altitude of 449 metres and was also the scene of one of the most famous scenes in movie history, the film King Kong, here. Many attractions and landmarks in New York, as for example, Chinatown, Little Italy, Central Park, explore the Brooklyn Bridge or the Federal Hall, it takes time. Fortunately I got enough of it during my holidays. It is also a great advantage that I must invest a dime in my accommodation, because my best friend Jenny sets up an internship at Columbia University and lives in an apartment in Manhattan. This apartment per month costs several thousand euro rent,. interested in neither she nor her rich parents. And I’m not complaining of course also. It has something special to live in Manhattan close to the Central Park and Fifth Avenue up and down to stroll, without to occur directly as a tourist. Fifth Avenue is one of the most exclusive and most expensive residential and business areas of the world. A Nobel boutique is next to the other. Prada, Fendi, Bulgari and all. In between, there are shops, where people can buy something that can still take their money of course again. As a souvenir I picked out a nice piece of jewelry out of crystals by Swarovski me, in that I fell. However I had to swallow a little at the price, because that seemed like the typical Fifth Avenue to have surcharge. After a short Internet search on Google using my iPhone, I have opened two online shops, and, where I’ve seen the same Swarovski jewelry piece for much less money. Of course I have it there quickly ordered and can be send home. However, my memories tell me always that I Avenue made this shopping in Manhattan in the fifth, at least mentally.