Charles Lewis Tiffany

have been completed the famous stained glass windows of the cathedral in Gouda by brothers Dirk and Wouter Krabetami and their students. In Germany, especially in Cologne, and in Italy was much more prevalent painting on glass. Most school originated in Milan in connection with the construction of the cathedral. Among the works performed by masters of this school, particularly for products Cristoforo de Motta and Niccolo da Varallo. Another Italian artist painting on glass, Guglielmo de Marchillat worked in Arezzo, Cortona and Rome. Painting on glass created at this time were not as durable as the more Ancient stained glass windows, made from pieces of colored glass. Only in Switzerland, painted glass works have survived quite well, mainly in small windows of apartment houses.

The reason for the poor preservation of most painted windows is that the color glaze and glass, on which it was deposited, underwent various changes (compression and extension) by changing the temperature, so the glaze over time, cracked and crumbled. At 17, 18? 19 centuries. the art of painting on glass has continued to exist, but the product of this time are not of particular interest. In the late 19 century. England artist William Morris led the movement for the revival of English Gothic stained glass.

He was joined by Englishman E.Bern Jones and the Frenchman E.Violle-le-Duc, both of which have created some very fine pieces of colored glass. In America in the late 19 century. building many new churches, often they were building, performed in pseudo-Gothic style, with glass windows, reminiscent of stained glass. Remarkable masters of this art form were Charles Lewis Tiffany and John La Farge, Charles J. Connick, Frederick Cole, Clement and Joel Heaton Nicholas. Restoration of churches and cathedrals that were destroyed in Europe during the wars of this century, has attracted public attention to the need for a new stained-glass windows. In many cases, instead of the lost fragments inserted panel of contemporary designs created for new designs and technologies. The most striking results were achieved in France, where in updating the stained part of such famous artists as Georges Rouault, Jean Lyursa, Fernand Leger, Hans Arp, Georges Braque and Henri Matisse. In England the great painted windows were designed by Lawrence Lee, Geoffrey Clarke and Keith New to decorate the nave of the new cathedral in Coventry. In modern stained glass is used colored and colorless glass, cast glass, thick, chipped glass, colored mirror, as well as various kinds of processing: painting, etching, engraving, sandblasting. Litomu and pressed glass attached various textures and different degrees of transparency. Source: Internet encyclopedia "Krugosvet"