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Opportunity for students and graduates of Gottingen, July 23, 2009 study completed or end in sight what now? Just studying the Humanities aims to no clear job description. Who wants to be successful in the labour market, must sharpen his profile and have additional qualifications. At the same time the job should come personal interests contrary to opens up whole new possibilities here with the field of intercultural training. On the one hand, the jobs for graduates are becoming increasingly scarce in times of crisis and the graduates higher requirements. So, pressure is built up from the outside on students. “The personal interests are on the other side: as such as Romanist/in or Sinologe/in, there are certain cultures that has set apart in the study and which is also mostly affair of the heart” are.

Who has set its emphasis on Anglo-Saxon literature, is hardly happy with the job as city librarian even if this was the only one she could find. It is the question of how you can position themselves in the field of tension of the arbeitsmarktlichen requirements and individual interests. For humanists, an activity that is full of career opportunities and at the same time the personal passions is revealed with the intercultural trainer profession”fully integrated. As Indologist, I had hardly dared to hope, to find a job that meets my personal interests and is at the same time so many career opportunities,”says Judith Hombach, intercultural trainer at IKUD seminars. “For me, an activity in the research had not been in question I’m happy to go, get to know new people” she says. That she now can use the study of Indian language and culture as the background for their work in the field of adult education, she finds ideal. For many scholars, but also linguists or economists, an activity in terms of intercultural training-new perspectives opened. In this respect it is, time window in his accompanying training as intercultural coach to use.

Thus, it lays the Foundation for a successful independence or optimized its attractiveness on the labour market, such as for a job in the personnel area international operating companies. “For graduates who do not directly find a job after graduating, search time is an ideal stage to further education: who uses them, meets not only the needs of the labour market, but benefited personally, perhaps his dream job” to discover. A certified, practice-oriented training of intercultural trainers IKUD offers seminars since 2006. The Group of students and graduates is growing steadily, because it is clear that concrete intercultural trainer knowledge, didactics and methodology need to be learned as well as in-depth knowledge of foreign cultures of the target. The approach to develop a concrete training concept, already in training is useful and practical. Interested contact: IKUD seminars Gloomy str. 21 37073 Gottingen Tel.: +49-(0)551 3811-278 fax: +49-(0)551 3811-279… / career as inter cultural trainer.