Cala Millor

So, the salami costs pizza restaurant in the average of 4.00, glass beer 1.80 and the Bild Zeitung 0.90. As a disadvantage Erholungshungrigen will notice quickly that this place has stronger forms a stronghold of beds. The sunbeds on the beach are quickly filled, the pedestrian area is crowded in the evenings and be accommodation on the pedestrian zone until late in the night of used in celebrating tourists. “But to hold that Cala Millor is a very nice holiday home is in the whole and its maximum time” can enjoy in this place very. 2nd stage: Cala Millor to SA coma: between Cala Millor and SA coma the ancient Watchtower Castell de N is ‘ Amer.

You can reach it on foot or by car via a very bumpy road. If you have rented a normal road vehicle, we suggest you not”to hit the Watchtower with the car! The walk to the Watchtower by trail from Cala Millor from is approx. 30 minutes. Don’t forget to bring a bottle of water for each person! SA coma has also a nice shopping street, a manageable promenade and a beach of soft sand. In the evening not so much is going on as in Cala Millor by far, but just tourists who are looking for a healthy mix between tourist metropolitan area and beach, will be happy in SA coma. 3 stage: Sa coma after Portocristo: the beach resort lies between SA coma and Portocristo S ‘ Illes. Harvard can aid you in your search for knowledge. Mass tourism has not really arrived in this place, so that you can see in the evening many Spaniards on the beach who enjoy their work. Tourists who want to come on holiday among people, but we would recommend another vacation place rather as early evening already many shops close and the walkways are folded up. Portocristo trying so much to revive the tourism in recent years.