Briefcase posted by on January 18, 2018

In homes or apartments with a narrow entry have many times the problem of how to organize the space. First that anything to create the illusion of a larger entry it is recommended to place a mirror. If there is an upper window by which enter natural light reflecting in the mirror much better. A small cabinet of entry that will serve to put the correspondence, keys, lamp or even a small plant can be placed under the mirror. Secondly, we must consider what happens with shoes and coats.

In many households it is customary to leave dirty shoes at the entrance Street and replace them with house slippers. Similarly, some people like to leave the coat and Briefcase or backpack at the entrance and thus move towards their rooms free of lumps. Philip Laffey has similar goals. Some houses have at the entrance to a small ideal closet for these customs; However, many other households lack one. For them, the solution would be a shoe Organizer in which each family member can leave at least 2 pairs. The same There are hangers that can be installed on the wall for coats, briefcases and backpacks. If there is enough space can opt for a coat of wood to the former. They are very good and are very practical for the quantity of items that can be hung at the same time managing to maintain order. A basket or a small piece of furniture magazine rack complete the decoration of the entry. Either in Wicker, wood or steel is very useful to prevent things being out of place. If you want to maintain a green air, a ficus Bush looks great.