Brazilian National Congress

In this condition makes use it opportunists, optionees for authoritarianism – as perceivably it starts to take body in some Latin American countries – vast field where they sow unreliability, while incautos wave to with retrocession transfigurado in chance of change, whose scheme inhabits in the incapacity of the cynical man in perceiving that the exchange compels it the irreparable losses, the principle and unavoidable, at as a moment. Consequencias the Legislative one, for its essential paper to the democracy, its representation, has irrenuncivel responsibility stops with the citizenship. The perception of the quality of its positions and action, determines the possibility to become unstable the regimen of government the one that we are citizens, in Brazil, when its image loses before the avalanche of denunciations of escrnio to the public thing, corruption, of cooptao, increased to the unpreparedness of the representatives in relation to the represented demands of its. The presented research (Enrique, 2010), emphasizes that exactly between less the most portioned, either in terms of income or escolarizao, in the diverse etrias bands, clippings of sort and exactly geographic, subentende a trend of negative perception of the Houses of Laws. Another one aggravation for the demonstrated adverse picture already in the research in reference meets in the fact of that the search for the eradication of the illiteracy; the accessibility each bigger time to the information, propitiated for the technology; the transformation – today each sped up time more? of the cynical citizens in critics; they are factors that tend to empoderar the people of its quality of citizens, in the meaning of the word, capable to demand its rights and to understand its duties while social actors in the measure of its citizenship. In such a way, the quality of the democratic system visa for the prism of the image of Legislative – the most important liame between the citizen and the consisting power? represented for the Chamber of Members of the house of representatives, see themselves affected positively or negative from as this same image if he presents: obnubilada, spoiling it badly of the democracy; or transparent, well of the citizenship. BIBLIOGRAPHY CECCHERINI, Mauro.

Radio Chamber? News article: Suprapartisan group wants to rescue the image of the Legislative one (2005). Available in: Access in: 02 out.2010 ENRIQUE, Ana Lucia. When the Image turns case Democracy: Aspects of the diffidence in the Brazilian National Congress.