Beto Meeting

As well as we imagined, in the drawing of the boys appeared very on fight in the soccer, fight between the colleagues as something bad, and in the work them girls appeared much complaint of baguna in classroom and fight of the boys. Thinking about this we decide to separate the groups and to make some meeting alone with the group of the girls and some meeting alone with the group of the boys so that we could work more specific questions and being had little people we could make a richer space for reflections. However, before dividing the groups, still we made a meeting with the group all together one. The idea was to work the cooperation and the resolution of problems. We ask for them who knew the history of the Aladin and we ask for that they counted in them. Later, we read a version of the history of the Aladin for all and made following the proposal: that each one wrote in a paper piece a desire that would like that it was become fullfilled without if identifying.

Later we collect all and we mix. We choose by lot one of each time, we read in high voice for all and ask for that they helped to give ideas of as that unknown person could carry through that desire. Before this we made some combinations of the rules, as for example, who to want to speak has that to raise the hand and that all must to respect each order, without interesting who was that it wrote. The activity super was well used to advantage by all, therefore each read order had some tips of as it could be carried through. In the other meeting we only call the boys for we work the history of the Beto. We take a history in colorful leves great made the hand, with a called doll Beto, to be more playful and to arrest more the attention.