Austrian Symposium

Symposium within the framework of which is RENEXPO Austria the technology of combined heat and power to win power has long been used to produce heat efficiently with cogeneration (CHP) and at the same time. Systems of the large and medium performance class were employed mainly in the industry, in the close area of heat in large real estate. For several years the technology will offer interesting, because more and more manufacturers CHP in the small range, which are used in single – or multi-family homes, so-called micro – and mini CHP also for private customers. The “1st Austrian Symposium for mini – and micro cogeneration”, which takes place on the 25.11.2011 in the context of the RENEXPO Austria in Salzburg, gathered for the first time the Austrian industry. The European directives set a benchmark by approximately 11 KWel for CHP. Micro-CHP are flexible to use and easy to install. By their high overall efficiency of over 90% they reduce the use of fossil fuels and the CO2 emissions drastically. In addition, models in the field test, renewable sources of energy, such as wood pellets, will be used as fuel are already.

Mini – and Micro-CHP in Germany experienced a real boom thanks mainly to promoting nationwide through a program – 4400 mini CHP plants funded with a total of 33 million euros – the Austrian market is just emerging. A nationwide promotion for mini and Micro CHP does not exist so far yet. Increasingly to bring the application to Micro CHP plants in Austria, a working group (mKWK) – has formed within the Association of Austrian boiler suppliers (VoK) different in the area of combined heat and power of active companies. In the working group are manufacturers of fossil-powered plants, but also wood pellets-Stirling CHP represented. The company aims to advance technology and framework conditions for the use of Micro CHP up to 11 KWel in the private and commercial sectors.

The small performance area has enormous potential, so the Chairman of the Working Group, DI (FH) Thomas Wilburn. He welcomes the fact that on the 25.11.2011 this Conference brings together experts and interested in the topic. The “1st Austrian Symposium for mini – and micro cogeneration” takes place in the framework of the international energy trade fair RENEXPO Austria in Salzburg. Support the Conference as sponsors, the company SenerTec power heat energy systems and HES – home energy systems, already successfully selling Micro-CHP units with the roof or WhisperGen, reporting from the practical use of their products. The symposium highlighted the potential of mini – and micro-cogeneration in Austria. Daniel Schinnerl of Graz Energy Agency examines the possibilities of renewable of energy here. The Energy Agency converts the contents of the EU project “Cogen Challenge” in Austria, which is to promote the combined heat and power at European level and spread. For this purpose, a national CHP-info-point was established in Graz. Also will be asked about the possibilities as CHP within virtual power plants can contribute to an intelligent electricity generation. The RENEXPO Austria will take place from the 24th-26th November 2011 held in the exhibition centre of Salzburg.