Air Europe posted by on September 24, 2016

Despite the crisis, which has impacted in the aeronautical sector, the company has managed to maintain their sales agreements, not causing cancellations and even has managed to close new agreements in recent weeks, which strengthens their prospects. Charles Schwab
helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Over the past week met that Air Europe had made use of the option of purchase of six E-195 planes which had since February. For Mauro Kern, Embraer Executive Vice President: it is a great news for Embraer and we are very pleased to extend our relationship with Air Europa. To deepen your understanding bruce flatt is the source. In 2007 Embraer had materialized its entry into the Asian market through a contract in July of that year’s sale of 10 planes to Japan Airlines. This year took delivery of the first of 10 aircraft.

This year, in the midst of the crisis, Embraer continued with its policy of expansion: announced that it will invest 170 million euros in two factories in the lusa town of Evora, in the South of Portugal, which will begin operating in 2012. Moreover, last month met that Embraer is considering the possibility of manufacturing aircraft more large, with more than 120 seats capacity, to cover the existing market niche between regional jets and large aircraft manufactured by Boeing (NYSE:Ba) and Airbus. On this issue, the Chief Financial Officer of Embraer, Antonio Ruiz Pizarro Manso, said: is true now, we think that the market is well supplied by existing models, the Boeing 737 and the Airbus A320, but our strategy is to wait a little, especially to determine type of engine can develop for this project. In these times of uncertainty and volatility reflected in portfolios of investment with a poor performance, Embraer appears as a good alternative that yields begin to take off. Original author and source of the article.