Increase Inheritance posted by on February 21, 2018

Annoying: Increase the cost of the certificate of inheritance: Here you how you can save costs the fees for the issue of inheritance is since August 1, 2013 significantly rose, on average by almost 20%. What is a certificate of inheritance? The certificate of inheritance is a legitimation paper of the heir. With this, you can have the discount, so for example a House sell or train called the deceased account. The certificate of inheritance is an official witness. It provides information about the person of the deceased, his heirs (with multiple on its shares, heritage quotas) and if present restrictions of the heir or the community of heirs, such as about the pre-and Nacherbschaft or an execution of the will. In recent months,

Depending on the circumstances, the request by a lawyer for inheritance law can be cheaper than the request by the notary. With a net discount value (the value of the estate less liabilities) of 100,000 the notary receives a 1.0 fee GNotKG for the recording of the application after KV No. 23300 amounting to 273,00. In addition come the expenses such as telephone and postage, as well as the VAT of currently 19%. The issuance of the certificate of inheritance a 273,00 EUR at the probate fee again, therefore total a total fee of euro 546,00. A discount value of 300,000 euros, fees of nearly 800 euros would be created. To reduce costs, it is now important to consider which debt may be deducted from the discount. Particularly galling to the reform of the cost: the cost of applying for the certificate of inheritance can be reduced no longer that the inheritance is used only for purposes of rectification of the land register. Is it always necessary to apply for a certificate of inheritance? No, often there is no inheritance because the estate without can be handled, this is about if there are certified or notarial powers that apply, beyond death, a notarial Testament was built just no proof of the law of succession is necessary or this can be provided otherwise. Usually the discount real estate may be sold with a certified or notarial power of Attorney, which applies beyond death. Then eliminates the otherwise necessary rectification of the land register. With the notarial power of attorney can be basically also has the deceased account, even beyond death. As far as questions the Bank authority who certified or notarial power of attorney will always be considered should the retirement planning. Additional note by the lawyer for inheritance, Dr. W. Buerstedde to the certificate of inheritance proceedings and to apply for the certificate of inheritance, see under: Dr.

Interior Design posted by on February 10, 2018

Interior design is a professional design activity aimed to seek the most suitable resolution of the habitable environment of man, through the implementation of certain elements and rules basic of design, technical, functional, aesthetic, environmental, psycho-social, sensory, economic and legal, in order to improve the quality of life of users. Interior design of a room in Baroque style for the sale of furniture interior design is the discipline project involved in the process of forming the experience of interior space, with the manipulation of spatial volume as well as surface treatment. It should not be confused with interior decoration, interior design explores aspects of environmental psychology, architecture, and design of product, in addition to traditional decoration. A designer interior or interior, is a qualified professional in the field of interior design or who designs interiors of Office as part of their work. The interior design is a practical creative that analyzes programmatic information, establishes a conceptual direction, refines the design direction, and produces graphic communication and construction documents. Interior designers can perform some or all of the following activities, among other duties and responsibilities: investigate and analyze the layout and detailed description of the product. Develop the contract documentation to facilitate pricing, procurement and installation of the furniture. Provide project management services, including the preparation of budgets and project schedules.

Develop construction documents consisting of plans, elevations, details and specifications to illustrate various elements of the design concept, including provisions and energy and communications laying locations and non-structural or non-seismic, locations of the roof, design lighting, the arrangements of furniture and materials. Drawing up documents of construction that adhere to the regional codes on flame retardant materials, municipal codes and any other statutes, regulations and jurisdictional guidelines that apply to the interior space. Coordinate and collaborate with professionals allied to design including those who provide additional services for the design project, but not limited to architects, structural engineers, industrial engineers and electrical engineers, as well as several specialized consultants involved in the design project.