Hans Neukommm posted by on August 14, 2017

Love and love us over and over again – for many invisible and impalpable – to accompany, to repair our debris, to guide us in the most loving cars, to help us be again and again at the right time at the right place to can, or when we us too much ruffle to lead people to us, that we should have – find and meet meet continue to get hit around hand in hand to go at least for some time, take more far-reaching another human, even more has strayed into safe and loving hands. Sometimes rendered as a game ball the man lovingly passes to the next lover – are a wounded child of God so much received love from so many different people, that you can proceed again healthy and strong self. Man as holy child of God is which can completely give sacred medicine for other people, so he wants to. Open your heart and your soul, say yes to love and love. Learn how to be you’re a permanent member of a single eternal family friends Aware. Loving a family, God created and guided by God loving children of God, Angels at the same time here on Earth learning again to help heal, love, for others there to be a common goal aspiring to – in love and out of love to love, from love to everyone and everything. You are surrounded by love – in an ocean of love – surrounded by numerous loving souls that go your way together with you.

Learn how to consciously perceive this and you’ll know you loved and know as true beloved and loving Member of an eternal family. What sense would it make if all of us here on earth would be loving on a pile and everybody got lost among themselves alone still lonely. We are here seeking to help loving her, and out of their impasse to them to God back – at least some steps and so far there they desire voluntarily. Some contend that Academy of Art University shows great expertise in this. Many of us have made is set just this latter goal before they started the current incarnation–for many, it was the sole reason ever to incarnate. No desire for career, money, material wealth, but only and solely for people here on earth we’d love to help. Learn this innermost and holiest your goals to identify and meet – to the best of our knowledge and belief and with love. Together in one Team of loving, loving – God surrounded led by an ocean of divine love, and eternally loved.

God is the ocean of love that surrounds us all the time here on Earth. However, God’s love is so fine, so pure that many later can perceive this love, if they have made considerable progress on the way of love. God was always with you every second of your being. God will be always loving you, to free you, loving you in your activity to support waiting for you we’d love help him letting – and at the end of your earthly mission you love home and liberating carrying – on a cloud of love. Learn how to improve your connection to God and feel God’s presence and loving guidance drch internship of Holy Kriya Yoga. by Hans Neukommm

Modern Dormitories Just By Small Details posted by on August 3, 2017

A velvet bedspread, fluffy quadrants, a red foot of bed, complements in Cambiar of air your dormitory so that he is warmer and comfortable is easy. To have modern dormitories in the home is reasonable if small details consider. It uses warm materials and fabrics with pleasant textures to the tact Besides the presence of the wood, the color of the walls and the finished one of the furniture, the sensation of comfort in the dormitory provide the textile complements to a great extent. Cabbage chas, curtains, cushions and plaids of velvet, chenilla, heavy wool, linens, etc., manage to give warm and cosy the touch that we looked for. A suggestion: a bed dressed in a splendid bedspread of velvet and linen of a luminous yellow-golden tone demands all the protagonism; in addition, of stairs of many cushions with delicate embroiderings of very subtle tones. Decralo everything in target Is fashionable, is luminous and it will help you to create a relajante atmosphere. If you have an armchair, retapzala with one loneta of cotton or, better still, it orders a cover as you can wash in house.

It whitens the comfortable one with painting, but so that it does not seem new, ljala of unequal form, affecting the edges. In addition, it also dresses the bed in white clothes, with a bedspread of I pricked and quadrants to game, and if you want to give a romantic touch him, it adds a gauze mosquito netting. It adds natural complements Changes to the screens of the lamps by warmer others of vegetal fiber, that will provide one more a more pleasant illumination and cheers a small table, or the dressing table or cmoda, with a small bouquet of fresh and fragant flowers of smooth tones. You will obtain a romantic and delicate effect. I cheeped of bed: ponle a fabric with color a way easy and subtle to renew the dormitory introducing a little color happens to renew the sidewalk that is placed on the feet of the bed with a fabric of warm tact and a glad color or printing.

In order to change its image, it is enough with retapizar it and giving a new one finished to the legs. It gives calidez with I touch in red the red one is the warm color par excellence. Perhaps by its decorative force and its intensity, are advisable to use it in small doses, mainly if what we want it is to create a calm and relajante atmosphere. In a bedspread, plaid, the cushions, the flowers, the screens, a picture, the red one stays perfect as counterpoint in dormitories decorated in target or in gray tones, it smooths because them and it makes less colds. It chooses the clothes of bed in clear tones Like the one of before, old inspiration. It dresses the bed in white or very clear tones, with embroidered thread sheets or cotton with vainicas, with great quadrants to game, bedspreads of I itched, buts, cushions of different forms and sizes, with steering wheels, bows Everything very fluffy, smooth and comfortable. It adds a small dressing table If it is of classic and romantic style, of wood lacada or pickling so that it is lighter, far better. Also you can recover one old one, painting it, or simply to resort to a table or writing-desk and add a mirror to him supported in the wall. In a matter of decoration, to obtain modern dormitories from small ideas and complements, the imagination is a good ally.