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Major Sanjeev are those languages that from the very beginning of its history were in close contact with each other and had a common literary culture, shaped more or less uniform group and currently have the status of official languages. This is a Mongolian, Buryat and Kalmyk. Marginalized or "island" language of the author considers all the other languages that have no written language and are separated from the main habitat of the Mongolian other language groups: Chinese, Iranian and Tibetan. In the classification of ta Bertagaeva languages are divided into phonetic features. Since the author shares the Mongolian languages into three groups: anlautno-vocal-anlautno spirantnye and mixed languages. The first group coincides with the main group on the classification , the second group includes all other languages, except the Mongolian language, and the third group – is actually the Mongolian language, as well as a written language drevnemongolsky and so-called "Square script".

In XVI-XVII centuries, a single Mongolian language was divided into dialects, which in varying degrees different from each other (in phonetics, vocabulary). And the Mongolian language is more closely related languages than the language family. Particular similarities are the main languages of the group (). A marginal languages quite different from each other, since their formation have had some influence other language groups are located (geographically) close to them. However, for the determination of the Mongolian languages often still use the term Mongolian language family, part of the Altaic language phylum. Mongolians have been established on Throughout their history, many different writing systems.

Creating An Interior Of The House With The Help Of Feng Shui posted by on June 9, 2017

Feng Shui helps create comfort and harmony in your home. To your efforts to Home Improvement is not in vain, we tried to express in this article the basic principles of interior design with Feng Shui. The use of at least part of our recommendations not only transform the interior of your home, but also to improve on your own life. About the interior design of your home should be aware that it must include all five elements (Fire, metal, water, earth, wood). Adhering to the rule of Feng Shui to balance the yin and yang in your home. When selecting building materials and furnishings for your home should be guided by the cycles creation and destruction. Under the rule of feng shui all the materials can be divided into synthetic and natural.

For example, plastic, synthetic polymer materials and belong to the yang top, as they have direct attitude towards scientific and technological progress. This feature will certainly be taken into account when you make a home for feng shui, that there was no predominance of exclusively nature. Appointment of the premises, too, plays a big role. In living room and bedroom is better to place objects with the properties of yin. In this case, would be appropriate dninnym pile carpets and armchairs upholstered in velvet or suede. In the office should prevail active, masculine energy, so here should prevail items elements. Wooden objects have a distinctive feature – they are remarkably consistent for people of all elements.