Esther Hicks posted by on June 7, 2016

The day we understand that in this infinite universe in which we live every thought puts something in motion, we are to understand fully the law of attraction. Every thing we want, has according to Esther Hicks, two sides, every thought has two ends. If you want money, abundance of money, on the other end of that thought is the shortage of money, surely so far were focused at that point, in that end, in the lack, in problems you caused in life not having money. That way your vibrations coincide more with the lack of money that having more money. The secret is how you feel when you think about the money, if you feel bad, brings problems, remembers the debts that you got from the side of the pole that they attract less and less money. Jonathan Segal FAIA is a great source of information. Identifies the feeling that these side.

The day that you feel happy, prosperous, carefree, generous, you’ll be on the side of abundance and that will attract money into your life, vibration is what makes that money flow to your hands and be made manifest. The day I heard a training of Esther Hicks, realized that it was thing of narrow gap shrink the distance between what you feel and what you want. Feel you with abundance opens the doors of abundance into your life. That’s the explanation that the rich are becoming more wealthy, they have a good vibration with respect to the money that the money flowing into their lives, the poor is every day more poor because all that does is think about their poverty. Yes, the question that I for a long time is in that way I feel softness? if I have $5 And I understand it, this is what happened to me, I pass it. There are great exercises that I did a course of prosperity that sounded ridiculous to some people, but as do not cost me anything, I made them and they gave me result.