Recommendations For The Purchase And Use Of Interior Doors posted by on November 24, 2015

General recommendations Russian interior doors are designed for installation in a room with air temperature 15 30 C and relative humidity 60 70%. Perhaps check out Jonathan Segal FAIA for more information. Sudden changes in these parameters are not allowed. Appearance of products should be verified by the buyer in the purchase, before the installation of hardware. Transportation Transportation doors doors must be made in packaging manufacturer in a horizontal position with the exception of the possibility of impact or shaking doors. If these measures claims on appearance products are not accepted. Warehousing Door Keep interior doors in the package manufacturer, in a room with a temperature of 15 30 degrees Celsius and the relative humidity 60 70%, in a horizontal position for at least three evenly spaced and equal in magnitude lining. Sharp fluctuations in temperature and humidity can cause deformation of the door leaf and cracks in the veneer doors.

Avoid direct sunlight on the product package, which can partially change the color of the product. Installation of doors Mounting interior doors and fittings to be made specialist, using the appropriate tool. Operation of the doors is not recommended to operate the door to the baths, saunas, pools and other areas with high humidity, as well as the unheated rooms. Rough mechanical action on the surface of the product is not allowed, as well as not allow contact with alkalis, acids, etc. – that can cause defects on the surface of the product.

Planit Millenium posted by on November 8, 2015

To install the program must have Windows 2000, NT or Windows 98, Intel-compatible processor with a minimum frequency of 300 MHz (system with two processors Pentium III) and 128 MB of RAM. Additionally required: Sound card and speakers, connecting to a network that is compatible with the protocol TCP / IP, video card with hardware accelerated graphics 3D, the device for input / output video, joystick, midi-instruments. Based on 3D Studio MAX was developed three-dimensional modeling package designed for architectural and industrial design. Items may be subjected to the animation, for example, to see how will open the doors and windows and how it will change with the lighting of the space. program is designed primarily to salons interior design studio and furniture showrooms. It allows you to design a project of furniture for your interior, matched with high precision the size, model, color, arrange the furniture in the apartment and vividly demonstrate how to look at life you have selected interior elements for a particular light, in a particular room, made of concrete materials. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Jonathan Segal FAIA. At your disposal program will provide many different options from which you can choose most suitable for you. In addition, Planit Millenium can draw your design, taking into account all the nuances. You have the ability to create design layouts closets, kitchens and other interior items, considering prorisovyvaya tiny details, and then look at the results of his work in a bulk representation. The program can also offer the best option arrangement of furniture in the space of your apartment.

System Security posted by on November 7, 2015

– Lack of containers in public – sounds and smells are eliminated – System Security – Aleja animals that usually feed on these remains – Promotes garbage collection – Prevents furniture and large appliances are thrown to containers – Facilitates use by people with disabilities Among the disadvantages, the fear of public opposition ranks first. While politicians, environmental experts and specialists from all countries were pleased to find such a system, which facilitates the technical and Marisol Monte, Department of Environment of Vitoria and responsible for the implementation of collection Pneumatic waste in the capital of Alava, are aware that without the consent of the citizens, this system is doomed to failure, however well-functioning facilities. "All previous systems require a major effort of the neighbors in terms of source separation then be deposited in each system introduced himself to each of them, "explains Montes. Each waste should be deposited in the box designed for that purpose. To know more about this subject visit Joeb Moore & Partners LLC. Beyond the technical aspects, those responsible for environmental projects such as the pneumatic waste collection are aware "of the investment in education and information necessary to achieve a change of habits in the citizenry." Monte highlights so that for two long years has had to face, which is responsible for collecting air in Vitoria, the opposition of environmentalists and neighborhood associations with one weapon: the personalized information. "For us it was essential that every neighbor knew exactly how the process works and to ensure the elimination of noise and odor," the council explained from Alava. "People should know that like any other activity that can be implanted in the lower housing and the potential to produce discomfort, investments will be made prior to avoid, "he adds. Other disadvantages are: – High energy costs to operate the system. Specialists are defended by arguing that "energy consumption could be a deterrent to keep in mind if you could quantify and compare energy consumption in the same operating conditions than traditional methods, but you can not." – Difficulty to find a system to faults in the system. – High initial investment in consolidated residential areas – High risk of vandalism.